About Our Flowers


Elegant, chic flower designs, with an edge.

These stylish flower arrangements come with a vase or ceramic container, are maintenance free and add an instant touch of class to home or office. Beautifully presented with a selection of exquisite flowers, including Gerberas, Oriental and Asiatic Lilies, palms and ferns. Tall, front facing with clear definition and shape, our eye-catching contemporary arrangements make stunning gifts. Whatever the setting they are sure to make an impression.


Beautiful hand-tied presentation

From $40.00 upwards
Ranging from exuberant reds, yellows, and purples to soft pastels, bouquets are a perfect gift.
Select a colour-arranged bouquet appropriate for the occasion or that matches the taste of your friend or family member. Bouquets come hand-tied; or in a vox, a maintenance-free cardboard vase with waterproof liner. Tasteful ribbon and wrapping set off the presentation.

Soft Pastels:

Gentle, calm and feminine, combining pinks, soft peaches, lemons, creams and lavenders.

Bright & Vibrant:

Tropical, sunburst colours will remind you of a warm summer's day.


Out of the ordinary, highly textured with bold, jazzy colour combinations.


Modelled flower presentations that range from traditional tonal groupings through to the structured designer classic.

These Boutique style flower arrangements make a gift the can be given with confidence. Our classic arrangements are presented in either a colourful co-ordinated cardboard box with waterproof pearl wrap lining, flax wrap or a ceramic pot, for the larger priced items, hydrated with a floral foam base,all options are securely contained and totally maintenance free.

Designer Classic:

A stand-out floral design, adding a touch of class to any setting.


Arrangements with definition and innovative colour and texture combinations.


Graduated in shape, softly textured with warm colours arranged in tonal groupings.

Red Roses or Mixed Roses

The rose evokes feelings from passion to serenity to joy and is the centuries old classic gift of love. Perfect for anniversary celebrations, for new love, or that post-argument, make-up gift.
- Red roses are available in delicious long stem variety or regular length.

Single Blooms

A single rose, gerbera, sunflower, lily or flower of your choice. Our innovative, striking single bloom presentations include complimenting foliage and/or wire settings.

Seasonal Flowers

The yellows, purples and creams of spring: Tulips, Daffodils, Early cheer, Jonquils and Hyacinths - available from August until early October.

Cymbidium Orchids: The delicate, exquisite winter-spring bloom - available from April until mid October

Buttonholes & Corsages

We specialise in school ball, wedding or those formal functions requiring buttonholes and corsages. Made to order, exactly to your requirements.


Our web photographs are indicative only: supplied vases will vary slightly and flowers will vary depending on seasonal availability. Please send your preferred or specific requirements in an email or contact us directly. Our qualified, experienced florists are skilled in interpreting preferences and creating flower arrangements that more than meet your expectations.

Special Services

Local customers are welcome to bring in a special or favourite vase which our florists will fill with a flower design of your choice.

Floral installations and displays for local shop openings, new business or product launches or events: Our florists will work with you to create the perfect presentation for the occasion, producing a flower design that will enhance any setting.

Dates that you don’t want to forget: register birthdays, wedding anniversary, Valentines or any other annual date that you need to remember, with us and as the date approaches we will send you an alert by email.

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